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Locked out?

How to get into your Home

Credit Card Lock Pick

When you are locked out here’s a method you can try. To do this method, you are obviously going to need a credit card. Try to choose a card that you don’t mind if it breaks such as an expired gift card. First of all, what you want to do is insert the chosen card between the door frame and the door where the latch is, Then hold the card perpendicular to the door and begin to wiggle the card side to side. While your pushing, start to bend the card the opposite way from the doorknob, this will slide the latch away from the door jam. If you do end up unlocking the door, call Out and About Locksmiths. You have just shown how easy it is to get into your home.

Remove the Door Knob

Most door knobs have the mounting screws hidden, but if you take a look closer at the door knob you will be able to see a small hole. Using a thin piece of metal or even a pin, insert the pin into the hole and start applying pressure. Keep pushing the pin and while your doing that start to twisting the door knob with your other hand until the door knob is removed.

Call a Locksmith

When all else fails, it may be time to throw in the towel and call a local locksmith. Out and About Locksmiths are perfect for getting into your locked home, call them on 0431 515 640.

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How does a Pin Tumbler Lock work?

How to Improve your Home Security

Locksmith Canberra

How to Improve your Home Security

Keep yourself from being a casualty of wrongdoing and bulgary, with Locksmiths Canberra’s short guide on the best ways to improve your home security.

  • Introduce a high quality lock on all sheds and carports.
  • Implement safety warnings, for example, cautions and CCTV go about as a hindrance and can be utilized consistently.
  • Ask a qualified locksmith such as Locksmith Canberra to survey your entryways and windows to ensure they have the most fitting locks, are in great condition and meet your protection prerequisites.
  • Regularly check the outside of your property to ensure that there aren’t any broken windows or door jambs.
  • Most Burgulars regularly approach the homes that look like no one is at home. To avoid them coming while you’re out it is beneficial to implement light clocks so when it gets dark it looks like someone is always home.
  • Think about asking as a pro locksmith like Locksmith Canberra to indicate and introduce a home safe.

By guaranteeing your house is protected throughout there puts you ahead of the burglars.  Begin profiting from enhanced security as well as you are prone to be more inspired to make a move and ready to see issues all the more unmistakably. If you are in need for locksmith or have any enquiries, contact Locksmith Canberra 0431 515 640.

How to Open a Master Lock


As daunting as it sounds, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to break open a Master Lock. To begin, what you need to do is apply a small amount of pressure on the one end of the lock and add a few taps a the other side in a specific spot and you successfully opened a master lock.

Top 3 Ways to get into Your Locked Car!

Are you locked outside your car? No need to worry, Out and About Locksmiths presents you with the Top 3 Ways to get into your Locked Car!

1. Automatic Windows


First of all what you’ll need is a door wedge, a hammer and a metal rod. If you can’t find a metal rod, find something that is long enough to reach the button for the windows. You’re also going to need a wedge that is thin enough to be able to fit through slightly inside of the car door. Once you’ve found your perfect door wedge place the wedge in-between the car door and the cars body and begin to lightly tap it. Once the wedge is secure and the door is slightly open, you’ll now be able to take the metal rod and press down on the window button.

2. Manual Windows


This time with manual windows it is slightly different as you are going to need to flick the manual locks to open the actual door. To do this all you need to do is bend the end of your metal rod so it acts as a hook. Once the wedge is secure and the door is slightly open, you’ll now be able to take the metal rod and hook the manual button to unlock the car door.

3. Through the Trunk!


If by the slightest chance you’re trunk happens to be unlocked. Hop into the trunk and pull the emergency chord that looks like strap which will allow for the seats to fall forward.



If you do happen to lock yourself out of your car, it is highly recommended you do call our locksmith Canberra service. These methods should only be used in case of an emergency. Services that Out & About Locksmiths provide here.


Picking, Breaking and Bumping Locks

How to choose door lock for home

Your home security starts at front door!

With option after option on the market for your DIY home security upgrade, how do you cut through the clutter and choose the lock that best suits your needs?

Out and About Locksmiths will show what to look for, and how to choose the right one for your home and family.

A key in a door lock

First, Let’s have a look at the types of door locks

There are two main types of locks on the market.

  • Deadbolts : your main security feature and the preferred lock when it comes to securing your home
  • Knobs/ Levers : usually use more for secondary security


What to look for?

Locks aren’t a purchase every day. There are a few main reasons you purchase door locks. For example, during upgrading your home, new home construction or existing home renovation partially, lastly after a break-in. Many people consider style before function but you should do opposite approach. Your lock is only as good as its quality. Quality, safety and function come first.


Step 1: Function

Let’s see what room you are after! There are three main functional categories: 1)entry 2) privacy 3) passage.

Defining the main function is the first and main step in choosing a lock. Function and quality will help determine the level of security and endurance your lock will need to uphold. For instance, a hallway or interior door usually doesn’t require a strong level of security than your front door. If it’s a high traffic area like bathroom you’ll want your lock to hold up longer, therefore a higher grade of lock is more appropriate.

Step 2: Endurance

Endurance is a matter of grade. When you buy a certain type of lock for your home please choose the same lock throughout, with the except exterior.


Helpful Tips for choosing the right door lock for your family

  1. Always look at the quality not style.
  2. whichever lock you get, be sure to look for the UL on the packaging.
  3. When you’re securing your home, make sure you’re using a Grade 1 deadbolt to maximise home security.
  4.  If you can not care too much, you can call Out and About Locksmith Canberra to secure your home.

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