How to Look After Your Keys and Locks

Ever wondered how to properly look after your keys and locks? Here’s how.

Look Out for Extreme Temperatures

Very high or low temperatures can cause problems with locks. This is due to the fact that extreme temperatures cause metals to expand or contract. When it’s very hot, the lock, key, and door frame can expand, making the lock difficult to turn. One thing you can do to avoid this is to lubricate your locks on a regular basis. If your lock is properly fitted to the door frame, this will lessen the chances of any issues.

Clean The Locks

Over time, dirt and debris builds up in the lock. This can make it a lot harder to open. Compressed air blown into the lock is one solution, but for a deeper clean, take off the cover and use a brush to remove any foreign matter.

Don’t Force It

Sometimes a lock won’t turn easily. If this is the case, don’t try to use force. You might bend the lock mechanism and your key. If this happens, the problem will get worse. If your lock doesn’t respond to gentle pressure, maybe it’s time to call us.

Clean Your Keys

A dirty key makes a dirty lock. Eventually it will become damaged, and jam. Avoid this by wiping down your keys from time to time, and try not to store them where they will gather dust.

Check Your Door Position

Sometimes doors can hang down and sit in the wrong position. If a lock’s bolt is incorrectly aligned with the hole, this can damage it in time. If your lock rubs or grinds when you turn it, this might be a sign that your door’s out of position. If it’s only a minor misalignment, you can file the hole slightly. Otherwise it’s time to adjust your door.

Contact Out and About Locksmiths for any help and advice regarding these issues.

How to Open a Master Lock


As daunting as it sounds, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to break open a Master Lock. To begin, what you need to do is apply a small amount of pressure on the one end of the lock and add a few taps a the other side in a specific spot and you successfully opened a master lock.

Top 3 Ways to get into Your Locked Car!

Are you locked outside your car? No need to worry, Out and About Locksmiths presents you with the Top 3 Ways to get into your Locked Car!

1. Automatic Windows


First of all what you’ll need is a door wedge, a hammer and a metal rod. If you can’t find a metal rod, find something that is long enough to reach the button for the windows. You’re also going to need a wedge that is thin enough to be able to fit through slightly inside of the car door. Once you’ve found your perfect door wedge place the wedge in-between the car door and the cars body and begin to lightly tap it. Once the wedge is secure and the door is slightly open, you’ll now be able to take the metal rod and press down on the window button.

2. Manual Windows


This time with manual windows it is slightly different as you are going to need to flick the manual locks to open the actual door. To do this all you need to do is bend the end of your metal rod so it acts as a hook. Once the wedge is secure and the door is slightly open, you’ll now be able to take the metal rod and hook the manual button to unlock the car door.

3. Through the Trunk!


If by the slightest chance you’re trunk happens to be unlocked. Hop into the trunk and pull the emergency chord that looks like strap which will allow for the seats to fall forward.



If you do happen to lock yourself out of your car, it is highly recommended you do call our locksmith Canberra service. These methods should only be used in case of an emergency. Services that Out & About Locksmiths provide here.