Superbowl 2017

Huge Controversy over ****** ********** performing at the NFL Super Bowl

The last time this guy performed was in 2004 where there was HUGE controversy.
This year, He gets a chance to redeem himself.

The artist performing is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!
Plenty of his fans are stoked with this announcement. Due to what happened in 2004, Janet Jackson fans are not.

Let’s take a step back in time and go over what happened.

In 2004 Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson took to the stage to perform Justin Hit Rock your body. As with all big performances these days the pair were trying to make it remembered. And well, it worked, though I’m not sure for the right reasons.

As Justin sung the lyrics “Gonna get you naked by the end of this song” he proceeded to rip Janets shirt and expose her right breast.

Janet Fans feel Justin is getting another chance and so should Janet!
Read their thoughts here: