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When You Need More Than a Guard Dog

When You Need More Than a Guard Dog  Out and About Locksmiths Canberra are the people you need when it comes to home security solutions. If you’ve just bought a new house, you should definitely consider having new locks installed. Who knows how many other people have previously had keys to your house? It’s a […]

It’s Superbowl Monday!

It’s Superbowl Monday!  While it’s just another Monday morning here in Australia, one of the biggest sports matches of the year is happening in the United States. The Superbowl is renowned for being the most watched sports games of the year. Advertisers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote their products during the match […]

Safety Warning – Kids, Animals and Cars

Safety Warning – Kids, Animals and Cars  During the summer, we all like to get out and about and enjoy the nice weather. Enjoying it with our families and pets is even better. For whatever reason though, a growing number of incidents are occurring with dogs and children being left unattended in cars. Quite often, […]

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!  The team at Out & About Locksmiths Canberra hope you all have a safe and enjoyable long weekend! Don’t forget, if you’re going out and end up stuck without your car or house keys, we’re available to come out and rescue you! Yes, even on a public holiday! You can contact us […]

Lock What Now?

  Lock What? Locksmith. What is a locksmith? A locksmith is a professional who works with locks on almost everything, from locks on doors to windows to safes. They can even provide a complete  security solution for your home or business. A locksmith works with almost every type of lock there is. Like most trades, […]

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  From the team at Out and About Locksmith Canberra, we hope you have a safe and fun weekend! Don’t forget that we are available to help you out, whenever and wherever you need it! Whether it’s an emergency or just upgrading your home security, we can do it at a reasonable price. You […]

Common Mistakes People Make With Keys and Locks

Common Mistakes People Make With Keys and Locks There are many ways to lock yourself out, and it is almost always accidental. Luckily, locksmiths like Out and About Locksmith Canberra are here to help you in your time of need! We decided to outline the most common mistakes that people make with their keys, be […]

Locking Yourself Out of the House – What To Do Next

Locking Yourself Out Of the House – What To Do Next We’ve all been there. That sinking feeling you get when you close a door behind you, or it blows shut unexpectedly and it locks….and in that instance you realise you left your keys inside. Depending on your situation, if you want to try and […]

How Does A Lock Work?

How Does A Lock Work? Have you ever wondered how a lock works? Or why a key has to be cut a certain way to unlock it? The most common type of lock is called a pin tumbler, and requires a key cut to its particular pattern of pins in order to open it. To […]

Take Care This Weekend

Take Care This Weekend It hasn’t been a great time for safety on the roads these last few weeks of the holidays. Take care on your travels this weekend, and don’t become another statistic! From the team at Out and About Locksmiths Canberra, keep cool and keep safe!