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Where Are Our Locksmith Services Located?

Where Are We Located?  Out and About Locksmith services are located in the heart of Canberra and service a wide range of suburbs. We can help you out with most residential locksmith services. This includes locks rekeyed or keyed alike (a master key), emergency lockouts, repairing and replacing broken locks, fitting multiple varieties of locks, […]

How Unique Is Your Lock and Key?

How Unique Is Your Lock and Key?  Have you ever wondered how many unique combinations of lock and key there are in the world? Or considered that someone around you may actually have a key that will open your front door? Well, while it technically is possible, particularly if it’s a popular brand of key […]

Tips For Keeping Car Keys Safe

Tips For Keeping Car Keys Safe  Statistics say that 20% of car theft cases are because the car was left unlocked with the keys either in the ignition or on the seat. It is vital for the safety of your keys and car, that you always keep the car locked when not inside it. Always […]

Who Are We Certified By?

Who Are We Certified By? Out and About Locksmiths are a Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. member. If you’re wondering what this means, we have posted below what the Locksmiths Guild of Australia stands for. It outlines what a locksmith must do in order to represent this guild and certification. This is how you know you […]

Why Install Home Security Cameras

Why Install Home Security Camera  Technology has come a long way very quickly, especially when it comes to home security. Ten to 15 years ago, only higher income homes would have security cameras installed. These days, buying and setting up a home security camera is fast, easy and affordable. While a cheaper system might not […]

Tips For Tracking Down Missing Keys

Tips For Tracking Down Missing Keys  It’s inevitable that at some point you will misplace your keys. Obviously, this can cause different degrees of panic, which is where Out & About Locksmith Canberra can come in and save the day. If you aren’t locked out, but can’t remember where you put your keys, we’ve put […]

Tips For Keeping Your House Secure

Tips For Keeping Your House Secure  Out and About Locksmith Canberra, for today’s blog post, are giving you some tips on how to keep your house secure. Some of these tips are probably ones you’ve thought of but haven’t done. Or, you may not have thought of them at all. The first tip is to […]

Locksmith Canberra Service? Leave Us A Review!

Loved Our Service? Leave Us A Review! If you too want a reliable Locksmith Service in the Canberra area, contact our Out and About Locksmith team today! 0431 515 640 Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews! If you have recently used our services, please take the few seconds to leave […]

Speaking of Security

Speaking of Security There is no doubt that some heavy duty security will be needed for this exhibition! Currently featuring at the National Gallery of Australia is a wide range of jewellery pieces created for some of the biggest stars by Maison Cartier. An excerpt from the event pages states; “From Kate Middleton’s wedding tiara, […]

Did You Know?

Did You Know?  If you have, or know of someone with a physical disability, you will recognise how difficult it can be to access public disabled facilities from time to time. Sometimes it’s outside normal hours and the council has locked up for the night or weekend. Or, the facilities are closed due to the […]