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New High-Security Lock from The Australian Lock Company

BiLock Exclusive The widely recognised BiLock high-security master key system has been improved. The Australian Lock Company has been a leader in security since 1980, and it has been the leading choice for high-security installations such as the Royal Australian Mint, international airports, Las Vegas casinos, Bank of America, military and security establishments, and industrial […]

ASSA ABLOY Apprentice Day

ASSA ABLOY has held a successful locksmith apprentice day at its Portobello site in the West Midlands (UK) for the second year in a row. They hosted the 10 apprentices signed up to the Locksmith Level 2 Apprenticeship as part of their commitment to the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) and Skills for Security apprenticeship partnership. […]

BSides Canberra

If you’re in the security industry or just interested in security in general, you should get along to the BSides Canberra conference. What is BSides? “Each BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members.  The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space […]

How to Look After Your Keys and Locks

Ever wondered how to properly look after your keys and locks? Here’s how. Look Out for Extreme Temperatures Very high or low temperatures can cause problems with locks. This is due to the fact that extreme temperatures cause metals to expand or contract. When it’s very hot, the lock, key, and door frame can expand, […]

Car Keys – Being Prepared

Will You Lose Your Car Keys? We all tell ourselves that we will never lose our car keys – or lock them inside our car. You might have a great system of reminders in place, but unfortunately, sometimes the unthinkable happens. A distraction at the wrong moment might be all it takes – or sometimes, […]

Our Certification

Out and About Locksmiths are a Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. member and a Security Construction Equipment Committee (SCEC) approved locksmith. Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. The Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. is a trade association which provides multiple services and support to its members. It involves its members to develop and promote the craft of locksmithing […]

What is a Transponder Key?

The Key A transponder key is a car key with an inbuilt chip that is needed to deactivate an engine immobiliser. Most cars post-1995 have these immobilisers. The engine control unit (ECU) of the car sends an electronic message to the key when the ignition is turned to on or run. The car will only […]