Lock What Now?


Lock What? Locksmith.

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What is a locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional who works with locks on almost everything, from locks on doors to windows to safes. They can even provide a complete  security solution for your home or business. A locksmith works with almost every type of lock there is. Like most trades, a Locksmith must complete a training course and an apprenticeship. Then they are able to repair, adjust and install all types of locks from ones in your house, your car and even office buildings.

Out and About Locksmiths are motivated,  experienced, certified and licensed locksmiths. We operate 24 hours a day in a professional and friendly manner to all our clients. We come out to you if you are stranded no matter the time of day, and quickly too. Is your key stuck in the lock? We are able to extract your key and create another for you. Yes, that means a new key!

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time for whatever lock and key needs you might have.

What Would We Do Without Locksmiths?

Locksmiths are an important part of our society. Ideally we’d never need to call a locksmith, but sometimes keys are lost or locks need changing.

A Locksmith’s Role

The role of the locksmith is to be there in case of emergency and to be able to help with any lock and key related issues. If you have lost your keys, a locksmith can get you back into your house, and even make a new key for you. At Out and About Locksmiths, we have all the equipment necessary to complete any lock and key related task – we bring it with us when we are called out to a job.

Locksmith Services

We are able to perform any lock and key related job, even making new keys for your car. If your keys are electronic, that’s not an issue – we have the technology to program a new key for your car.

We are able to install new locks, cut new house keys, even set up all the locks in your house to use one key!

Our Service

We are renowned for our outstanding customer service and are known across Canberra to be a first rate locksmith. We are available 24/7 and get out to the job promptly. If you want A1 service, don’t hesitate to call Out and About Locksmiths. Put our number in your phone so you’ll never be caught out.

A World Without Locksmiths

In a world without locksmiths, things would get messy. Instead of a professional being able to crack a lock or make a key, you’d have to use brute force to get through a lock. This would result in a lot of broken doors – carpenters would have a sales spike! A car with no key would be useless. Let’s not go any further into this nightmarish scenario and be happy to know that Out and About Locksmiths is there for you if you need us!